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Soluciones Petroleras is an engineering company founded on March 14, 2008 , dedicated to the design and development of equipment to provide fast and effective solutions in the oil sector, with highly qualified, founded in Colombia with its headquarters in Medellin, main Industrial city of Colombia . Distinguished for our quality and service , we are able to modify our existing equipment and develop new adapted to the specific individual needs of our clients or systems. We are specialized in providing a complete connection system for power cables on electric-submersible pump. We have a wide range of wellhead penetrators, to couple our equipment to any existing configurations on the market, ensuring cost reduction and operation times.Our technology has been proven , patented and certified by Bureau Veritas and RETIE under API standard. The SMR, Threaded Mechanical Seal, has a history of zero failures which puts us to the forefront in the market above companies that have traditionally dominated by older technologies. All companies where we have introduced our technology know our benefits, so they prefer us, multinational companies like PERENCO COLOMBIA LIMITED, GEOPARK, LEWIS ENERGY GROUP, SANTAMARIAPETROLEUM INC, NUEVA GRANADA CORPORATION, HUGHES PETROLEUM HUPECOL, and PDVSA in Venezuela, RIO NAPO in Ecuador, COMPAÑIA PETROLERA DEL ITSMO in Guatemala and Central America. In the Middle East we have been expanding and Kuwait Oil Company has approved the SMR to be used in their ESP wells, Baker Hughes, AlKhorayef and Novomet are already enjoying the benefits of our reliable equipment.
We have ability and willingness to provide full installation service and maintenance anywhere in the world, train and certify personnel required.We hope to have the opportunity to provide our products and services by ensuring total satisfaction with the security of a positive impact on the efficiency and development of your company.

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  • Global Sales  +965 9697-4400                 Bradford T. Dulin
  • USA               +1 (786) 286-8276              Ricardo Nache
  • Middle East    +965 9893-7799                 Ken D. Polk
  • Latin America +57 (318) 734-3943           Pedro R. Viloria
info@solpetrousa.com                                         www.SolPetroUSA.com/

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SMR Installation Manual

Safety Instructions Recommendations for Handling the ESP cable SMR Part List Tools for Installation

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Threaded Mechanical Seal

ESP Operation Parts Technical Data SMR Data Sheet

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SMR Brochure

About Our Company Description and Operation Wellhead System Types Offset Tubing Hanger Offset Bonnet

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Geostar Well Analyzer


Geostar Well Analyzer

System is designed to measure liquid level and casing pressure in oil wells and register surface dynamometer card of down-hole pumping unit operation, to control valves operation, to estimate well rate, pumping uni efficiency and BHP data. System allows to analyze the pump card and to recognize the pump failures and predict the possible faults.

Why Well Analyzer?

  • Understand what well is doing
  • Increase Oil and Gas Production
  • Expend less Time and Effort
  • Reduce Operating Expenses (compared to Wireline service)


  • Static and Dynamic Fluid level
  • Automatic or Manual Operation
  • Wireless PRT Results on LCD or Computer Real Time Analysis

Threaded Mechanical Seal

 Mechanical Seal is a technological advance in connecting and sealing penetrator for lines and cables. The seal is applied in oil wells with ESP, downhole heaters, injection systems, and others. ESP Operation The SMR is a mechanical expansion seal, this seal is made individually on the lead sheath of each ESP line. The locking system is effected by threaded mechanism. The main seal is an elastomer which is compressed on each line of the cable, by the mechanical action of threaded closure.


  • No joints or splice in the ESP cable
  • Do not interrupt the eletrical circuit of the power cable
  • Available for round of flat cable from AWG#8 to AWG#1
  • Temperature range from

Electric Submersible Pump Power Cable


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